We're so glad you're here. We've been praying for you - for women in Connecticut & Rhode Island & Massachusetts & New Hampshire; for women in Vermont & Pennsylvania & New York & New Jersey; for women in Delaware & Maryland & Virginia & Maine; we've been praying for women across the East Coast & the West Coast, across North America & the world - imagining women’s knees hitting the floor – in agony and in joy, in pain and in fury, in celebration and in defeat – unabashedly meeting Jesus, here & now, in this day, in our generation. We want you to know we’re with you in that – the bittersweet of old endings & new beginnings, the heartbreak of this world & the celebratory glimpses of the Kingdom – we're with you in whatever way that takes form - wherever you are & however you land - we're with you in that; and, we’re praying for you.

We hope you find refuge here - in this webpage, in this net of women, in Jesus. We hope that the East Coast Conference Women's Ministries would be a place for you to come home to - a place to hang your hat & let down your hair, a place to lay open your wounds & to dance in celebration. We hope you find our doors always open, your room always prepared & the loving arms of Jesus eager for your embrace.

We hope you find celebration here - celebration of our Christ as the King of Renewal – of starting over, of forgiveness & revival & all things good. We hope you'll join us with giddy excitement as the Lord of our Life whispers, ‘Look! I am making all things new!’ We hope you'll join us as we seek to uncover where the Kingdom of Heaven is bursting to come alive on earth - that we might be like detectives seeking it out & resurrecting it. Imagine! It's a beautiful visual: spotting it here in this park - touching it & it bouncing to life, looking behind the curtains and finding it there and watching it spring forth; playing peek-a-boo with it as the family sits around the kitchen table and hurrying it in. We hope you find that child-like joy here & that your soul will continuously sing a new song.

We hope you find community here - community & acceptance & partnership. We hope you'll join our mailing list & come to the retreats; we hope you'll meet sisters here that understand your soul - that commit to doing life with you, not just on the same planet. We hope you find the type of relationships we've been created for - here, in this space - on this website, or facebook, or over coffee with a new friend who loves Jesus.

We hope you find inspiration here - inspiration & encouragement & beauty. We hope you'll peruse our missions page & AVA page; we hope you'll read about our Sisters in Ministry & that you'll be inspired by the work the Lord is doing in them. We hope you’re encouraged to share the ways in which you’ve seen God move recently, and consider the ways in which you might become further connected with your sisters here, or help in our growth. We hope you’ll consider how you might be called to further join God’s narrative of renewal - right here & now, in this day, in your city.

We hope you find Jesus here. We hope you listen as He calls you his Beloved, a chosen child of God, precious in His sight, called the Beloved from all eternity, and held safe in an everlasting belief. We hope you meet Him here. We hope you'll stay a while; we can't wait to hear your story.